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Free US Shipping Over $50
Free US Shipping Over $50

Our Story

More than just a sunglass store

They say "live your dreams"! 

With sunglasses being not just an accessory but a necessity we loved the idea of building a sunglass brand. Many people lose their expensive sunglasses or no longer want their old pair.  By understanding customers' needs and likes, we began our journey.  We decided to offer quality, reliable, stylish, amazing pair of sunglasses that you can wear anywhere at a reasonable price through TINTS Eyewear. 

The Star Logo

We want everyone feeling like a rock star. The Star Logo represents you being your own star! Be your own celeb! If you look closely at the Star Logo it is also resembles a bald eagle. The bald eagle represent great vision that is flying high.  We want you to have this experience: looking good and feeling fly! Our lens are crisp and clean just like a bald eagle's vision. The Star Logo also displays our passion and desire to offer great sunglasses !!! 

Customer First 

We want you feeling on top of the world, carefree, and relaxing in our sunglasses whether it's on a vacation or strolling your town.  We want you to feel as if you are flying high and nothing can bring you down!! Find your "AHA" moment with us. Additional we offer a 60 day guarantee and hassle free returns!! This is what we would want in a company!