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What are the Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses?

What are the Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses?

Better Vision and Reduced Glare

The main advantages of polarized lenses are that they provide a much better outdoor vision and help with glare reduction.  This means they protects you eyes more while being outdoors. So if you are the type of person that enjoys hiking, boating, and just being outdoors then you should consider owning a pair of polarized sunglasses. 

One point to mention about polarized lenses is that the blue seems more blue and the green seems greener.  Even when it gets darker the image seems sharper. 

Polarized sunglasses for outdoors 

The huge advantage of using polarized lenses around water is the glare reduction. It also lets you see a little bit more into the water if it's clear enough. For those that enjoy camping, hiking, or even running, you should use polarized sunglasses as it reduces glare and it doesn't interfere with your performance. 

Snowboarding and skiing 

One thing to mention here is that if you are skiing or snowboarding it is not recommended to use polarized lenses because it's hard to differentiate glare producing snow and fresh snow.  Crazy right?! 

Safer daytime driving

For those that are road warriors, polarized lenses could help keep the glare away and safer.  The sun's reflection off the hood, the road, or the road signs can also be reduced by using polarized lenses. So it is safer for daytime driving.  It is less eye strain, more comfortable and they compliment your look. 

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